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Nigeria and the Politics of Revenue Allocation (Posted 5th December  2005)

Revenue allocation can be described as a method(s) of sharing the centrally generated revenue among the different tiers of government and how the amount allocated to a particular tier is shared among its components. 

Nigeria is a federal state - under the federal system of government, federation or centrally-generated revenue is shared among the three levels of government namely: the Federal Government; the States and the Local Government. (more)

TINAPA: A Unique Tourism Vision for Africa (Posted 17th October  2005)

Located by the Calabar river and adjacent to the Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ), the “City of TINAPA” project, situated right next to the Calabar Free Port in Adiabo community of Cross River State can simply be described as a ‘breath-taking’ idea for tourism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. (read on)

The New Face of Nigeria's Oil Industry (Posted 10th October  2005)

A Conoil Filling Station, IbadanSince the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in 1956, and the oil boom of the 70s, the oil industry has become the backbone of the Nigerian economy, accounting for over 90% of the total foreign exchange and nearly 80% of government revenues. 

Oil and Gas Journal (1/1/065) estimates Nigeria’s proven oil reserves at 35.2 billion barrels, with the majority of oil found in numerous, small producing fields in the swamps of the Niger Delta. (full feature)

N25 Billion Naira Capitalization: The Journey So Far and its Likely Implications on the Nigerian Economy (Posted 11th Jul  2005)

An Abuja streetOn Tuesday July 6, 2004 at a special session of the Bankers Committee in Abuja, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Professor Charles Soludo, unveiled a 13-point reform agenda to bank chiefs which included an upward review of banks capital base from N2 billion to N25 billion.

Explaining the need for re-capitalization, the CBN Governor said that banks have not played their expected role in the development of the economy because of their weak capital base and as such, the decision to raise the capital base of banks was with the aim of strengthening and consolidating the banking system. (read on)

Karchia: The Ginger Capital of Nigeria (Posted 8th Mar, 2004) 

Are you an investor in commodities? Do you have an investment in any agricultural product? How much do you know about ginger? Not much! Then let us give you a little education about ginger and investment opportunities therein. (read on)

Doing Business in Abuja, Nigeria's Capital (Posted 26th January, 2004)

Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory, FCT of Nigeria. Act Decree Number 6, of the Federal Military Government of General Murtala Mohammed, created it on February 5, 1976. With a land mass area of 8,000 square kilometers and over 7 million population, Abuja is reputed to be the fastest growing city in the world. (full feature)

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