2001 Lagos International Trade Fair Home Page  The Lagos International Trade Fair (Organised By The LCCI)
                                                                  Fair Dates: November 2 - November 11, 2001 

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2001 Lagos International Trade Fair
2001 Lagos International Trade Fair

ECONET's "Buddie" Stars at the Fair (Posted 6th Nov, 2001)

Today at the fair ground, it was business as usual, with over 30,000 visitors, a mixture of business-oriented, window shoppers and low and mediumForeign participants at this year's Fair buyers. With only two entrances, people milled around these entrances clutching their N50 (around 50 American cents and 30 British pence), waiting eagerly to enter the venue. One tends to have this feeling that the fair would be ending the next day with the level of human traffic turning up each day. One is moved to wonder where these visitors are coming from. 

Four states and a bank were slated to show case what they have to offer today at the fair ground. They are Osun State, Kano State, Manny Bank, Edo State and F.C.T. The Federal Government was well represented with a number of agencies and parastatals operating stands. These include the National Council on Privatisation, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission among others. These two alone provided veritable information to both local and foreign investors on business opportunities in Nigeria.

This year’s trade fair availed a lot of inventors and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their new innovations and products. A number of new products were on display at various stands. Banks, insurance companies and manufacturers announced their new products in a colourful way.  

Insurance companies were inadequately represented with less than 8 at the fair. However some prominent names in the industry were on parade, Nigeria Insurance Corporation, NICON has a big stand with a very popular comedian, Zebrudaya (of the New Masquerade fame, a popular comedy programme on Nigerian television) on hand to lighten the atmosphere. Industrial and General Insurance, Cornerstone Insurance, Alliance &General Insurance, Nigerian-French Insurance Company Limited were other insurance companies with decent level of presence at the fair this year. 

A significant development to note at this year’s fair is the proliferation of foreign companies at the fair ground, companies like Stephenson Brothers Limited, Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd, Swingtec, Motan etc. Though, it is an international fair but in the past the turn out of foreign business concerns has not been as large as this year. Also in the past their Nigerians partners normally represented these companies at their stands, but this time around they all had a blend of Nigerians and expatriates at their stands. This is a positive development for Nigeria and points to the fact that the economy can accommodate foreign initiatives in form of trade. 

The GSM licensed companies were not left out at the fair, with conspicuous and big stands located at strategic parts of the Tafawa Balewa complex you cannot but notice them. The ECONET Wireless stand is constantly crowded with people getting their “Buddie” Starter packs for the pay-as-you-go lines and others admiring handsets on display, while others were making enquires about the companies products and handsets. The stand was well organised with Savannah Bank staff on hand to collect money on behalf of ECONET for all transactions made. The recharge cards were also available for reloading of exhausted airtime. The MTN stand was not as busy as the ECONET stand though it was relatively crowded due to the small space used. People were buying refill cards and getting connected to the MTN network at their stand. 

This year’s Lagos International Trade Fair so far has been a success and tomorrow the insurance and automobile industry will be on focus on our site.

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