2001 Lagos International Trade Fair Home Page  The Lagos International Trade Fair (Organised By The LCCI)
                                                                  Fair Dates: November 2 - November 11, 2001 

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2001 Lagos International Trade Fair
2001 Lagos International Trade Fair

Exhibitors Continue to Enjoy Good Patronage (Posted 9th Nov, 2001)

The Samsung stand at the Trade FairAs this year's Lagos Trade Fair is gradually coming to an end, both local and foreign exhibitors at fair are reaping the fruits of participation. It is all smiles for them as they go to their banks at the end of each day with the dividends of participating at the fair. Most of the interviewed exhibitors said it has been so good participating in this years fair, as their products (goods and services) have been enjoying good patronage and the desired awareness is being created for their new products. Perhaps, this has been the best year for so many of the participants. 

According to Engr. I.K Madu, a marketing officer for SIMS Nigeria Limited, one of the leading distributors of Samsung products in Nigeria, it is all smiles for him because their products which ranges from music equipment, television sets (of all shapes and sizes), air-conditioners, refrigerators, GSM mobile phone handset and accessories, DVD/VCD players etc. have enjoyed good patronage from visitors at the fair ground. He added that he gets to venue as early as 6am and does not close until about 7.pm.

Another exhibitor, Mr. Tochukwu of DAN-DUKO Group of Companies, the sole agent and distributor of HANKOOK Battery in Nigeria, said business transactions have also been very rewarding. They reintroduced GOLD HANKOOK Battery into the market. Among the features of this battery are the built-in-charge state indicator (Magic Eye), quick recharge facility, excellent heat resistance, higher capacity, superior cold cranking power and many more. The battery comes in the ranges of 45AH to 88AH.

One has to say that activities at the fair are becoming more and more rowdy as visitors are increasing by the day. Today was dedicated to Rivers State, Ebonyi State, Lagos State Development and Property Corporation, LSDP, Ogun State and Abia State. The LSDPC utilised the opportunity to popularise its ongoing 'win a home' promo. With only N1, 000 you could become a landlord at the any of the LSDPC estates in Lagos.

A key stand to visit at the fair ground was the Lagos State stand where a variety of Lagos-made products and agencies were on hand to make the state proud. One of such agencies was the Lagos State Waterfront and Tourism Development Corporation. They are the organisers of the recent Black Heritage Festival which showcased the best of Nigerian culture. The shoe manufacturers, formerly known as BATA debuted at the fair ground too. Now known as FAMAD, they brought a variety of shoes of all sizes to display.

Among the most successful exhibitors at the fair are the cosmetics stands. You could hardly find space at these stands. The offer of free salon services for visitors to their stands added more glamour and more patronage to them. The courier sector was also not left out at the fair venue. Virtually all the popular courier organisations were on hand; DHL, FedEx, UPS among others.