2002 Lagos International Trade Fair The 2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

(Organised By The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry)  Date: 1st November - 10th November 2002
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10 Glorious Days of Commerce and Networking, as Trade Fair Ends (Posted 11th November, 2002)

The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly picking the First Prize winnerThe 22nd Lagos International Trade Fair came to a close today. From a humble background in 1980, the annual fair has become the most popular and widely participated trade show in Nigeria and indeed Africa. This year's events took a different turn with noticeable increase in exhibitors/participants and an astronomical leap in the visitors. The people that visited the fair today is in the neighbourhood of 65,000. (more)

Exhibitors' Stands Competing For Space (Posted 4th November, 2002)

A Section of the Crowd at the Trade Fair Complex.Today at the fair ground, activity is upbeat with exhibitors getting their acts together setting up their stands to attract the throng of visitors to the fair ground. Quite unlike yesterday after the opening ceremony when scanty stands were in place, today, as if by magic most exhibitors' stands were in place. The turnout at the fair today was impressive with over 12, 000 visitors. (more)

Lagos Trade Fair Returns Back to Base, Opens Amidst Fun Fair (Posted 1st November, 2002)            

The eagerly anticipated Lagos International Trade Fair 2002 finally started today, Friday 1st of November 2002 with much pomp and pageantry.  The most striking thing about this year’s fair is the fact that it is being held at the ultra-modern Lagos International Trade Fair Complex along Badagry Expressway, Lagos which is a departure from its sojourn at the Tafawa-Balewa Square, TBS, Lagos for some years now. (more)

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The 2002 Lagos International Trade Fair is being organised by the Lagos Chambers of commerce and Industry. The fair, which is staged with the support and co-operation of the Federal and state Governments, will cover all aspects of Business and Economic activities in Nigeria. It offers a unique exposition for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for investment promotion.

The Fair will focus attention on Nigeria's economic restructuring programme and the prospects for private sector investment in priority sectors.

The main objectives of the fair are to:
· Promote revitalisation and diversification of the Nigerian Economy;
· Promote Nigeria's non-oil export;
· Promote accelerated development of Commerce and industry;
· Promote made in Nigeria products;
· Promote agriculture and agro-based industry;
· Spotlight the evolution of Nigeria's trade with the outside world;
· Direct attention to the role of private sector in the Nigeria economy; and
· Indicate prospects for foreign and local private investments in strategic areas.

It is anticipated that the fair will attract over 250,000 visitors within and outside the country including businessmen, investors, customers, top government officials and representatives of Nigeria's important trading houses and those seeking joint-venture promotion/partnership with well meaning Nigerian Firms and government organisation.

· Business organisations in Nigeria
· Overseas firms and Government
· ECOWAS member States
· Diplomatic Missions and Trade Representatives
· Federal and State Government-owned companies
· Agencies and Parastatals
· Research and Education Institutions
· The General Public.

· Lagos State is the gateway and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. With over 100 million people, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa. Lagos is the HUB of Nigeria's business and economic activities as well as the main port of entry into the country.
· The fair is an important regular business development aimed at special audience including professionals, businessmen and investors.
· The fair is for Nigerian enterprises seeking wider access to internal market and international companies and investors seeking joint-venture partners and market for intermediate and capital goods in Nigeria and the ECOWAS community.

In line with the country's development priorities, special emphasis will be given to products and services in the following sectors.

(a) Agriculture and food production.
1. Crop production and seed multiplication
2. Irrigation
3. Handling/Storage/Process equipment and machines
4. Livestock
5. Fishing
6. Primary food preservation and processing.
7. Food Beverages- New products.

(b) Building and construction materials and systems
1. Building materials
2. Building and Civil engineering plants
3. Construction equipment
4. Sewage and water treatment plants and system
5. Town planning and environmental sanitation

(c) Industrial and Production machinery including
1. Consumer goods production plants and machinery
2. Materials handling and Storage equipment
3. Metal working equipment
4. Machine tools
5. Woodworking machinery
6. Maintenance equipment

(d) Oil, Gas and Petro-chemical
1. Exploration and production
2. Refining and Marketing
3. Petro-chemical products e.g. fertilisers, carbon black, fibres, resins and plastic

(e) Mining and Energy
1. Mining equipment
2. Electrical equipment
3. Power generation/distribution

(f) Transport and Aviation
1. Passenger vehicles
2. Heavy duty trucks and vehicles
3. Automotive component and spare parts
4. Aircraft, airport equipment
5. Railway and ports engineering components

(g) Telecommunications
1. Communication equipment
2. Electronics
3. Telephone and Telex

(h) Business Equipment and Data Processing systems
1. Business and accounting machines
2. Computer and Data Processing machines

(i) Training and Education
1. Educational systems and Equipment
2. Scientific and medical teaching equipment
3. Engineering and Technical teaching equipment
4. Sports and Recreational equipment

(j) Health Care and safety Equipment.
1. Hospital equipment
2. Medicament
3. Safety and protective Clothing
4. Fire protection and fire fighting equipment
5. Security systems

(k) Banking and Finance Services
1. Commercial and Merchant Banking service
2. Development Finance
3. Money and capital market
4. Insurance

(j) Scientific/Technological Break-throughs
1. Researched findings
2. Scientific innovations

The minimum space for any Exhibitors/Exhibition will be 30m2
Hall 4 $137 USD
Other Halls $137 USD
Outdoor $137 USD
**The above spaces are non-constructed.

Other services charges are as follows:

A. Electricity
Basic Charge = $500 USD
Electricity is compulsory for every Exhibitor.

B. Water = $200 USD on request
C. Telephone = $200 USD on request

All application for participation shall be made on the prescribed application form, which shall be submitted together
Application forms are available and obtainable from all Nigeria Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad, the federal and State Ministries of trade and also at the Secretariats of all Chambers of Commerce in Nigeria.

Application for Special Day at the fair.
A special day is a unique opportunity to take the Centre Stage at the Central Location/Stand known as the focus. The high points of the Trade Fair including Opening and Closing ceremonies, the address by National President, State Governors and Local Government Chairman, indeed many reputable organisations and companies' activities all happen at the FOCUS.

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