2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

The 2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

(Organised By The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry)  Date: 1st November - 10th November 2002
Sub Site Sponsored By Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Ltd.


Interview of Mr. Gboyega Oloniyo, General Manager, Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Limited:

If in the last 10 days you had visited the ongoing 22nd Lagos International Trade Fair 2002, you will not but notice the Chivalry branded ticket kiosks, the customized Chivalry inscribed polo shirts worn by the smiling ladies selling tickets., the colourful Chivalry embossed entry tickets and the bold Chivalry legend at the main entrance of the fair ground among others. What this simply means is that Chivalry Merchant and Brokers Limited is the organisation that won the franchise to market and sell tickets at this year’s Trade Fair, it was thus pertinent to corner the man coordinating the whole show, Mr. Gboyega Oloniyo to air his view on some issues:

Please can you introduce yourself?

Gboyega Oloniyo: My name is Gboyega Oloniyo; I am the General Manager (GM) of Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Limited.

Can you give us a brief history of what Chivalry is all about?

Gboyega Oloniyo: Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Limited is a marketing company, event planner and our specialty is becoming more and more prominent in trade shows, exhibitions and organisation of shows in general.

Have you had any experience in the past in event marketing and show planning before the Trade Fair 2002?

Gboyega Oloniyo: Well yeah, a couple of them. We have done some in the past you know it might not be as big and bogus as this year’s International Trade Fair but of course we have handled some sort of specialized trade fairs, like when you talk of agricultural trade fair or you talk of trade fair that is not global as this nature just specialized one. We have organised shows across the country, so those are the areas we have actually done before that we can call experience.

When was Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Limited incorporated or registered?

Gboyega Oloniyo: We registered Chivalry Merchant & Brokers Limited specifically in the year 1996, we are talking of about 6 years ago now.

Why do you choose to market the 2002 Trade Fair?

Gboyega Oloniyo: Yeah, our choice of marketing year 2002 International Trade Fair is born out of the zeal to do things better. For the time past we have been experiencing trade fair in this country that is not of international standard. Two factors came to fall why we decided on either we should participate or not. We were gladdened when we heard that the fair would come back to this traditional trade fair complex. So, we were so happy and it interested us a lot that we should come in and do what we can do. Because you believe you me that we have enough space around here and that is exactly what we have been playing on. Then secondly, we believe that anything worth doing at all should be done well. Gone are the days when you handle things in an amateurish way. That is why we think that coming into this year’s trade fair should be of a kind of challenge to us all as well as to bring out the best that we can offer to the trade show in this country and I am happy that a lot of people have been quite impressed with what we are putting on here, thank you very much.

What have been your challenges and problems at this year’s trade fair?

Gboyega Oloniyo: Culturally, generally we have to be at equilibrium with our environment to start with, you cannot take our cultural setting from our cultural way of doing things. This trade show has been marred by what we believe to be our cultural setting. For instance, you see a lot of hawkers around here which were not planned for, you know even at the gate when you try to fence them they find a way of hiding this things under their dresses to come to the trade show arena. You will believe with me that it could be better but at the same time they are really making the passage very clumsy for visitors to get to respective stands they intend to visit. Then secondly, a lot of miscreants are still sleeping within the trade fair complex which has been posing a lot of problems to us. Evacuation has been met with stiff oppositions on many occasions. So we think that it is part of the cultural setting, people believe that they could turn the fair ground to their accommodation these are the little problems that we have been having and others are quite surmountable.

What are your plans for next year trade fair and future trade fairs within and outside Nigeria?

Gboyega Oloniyo: Yeah, we want to take trade fair shows in this country to greater heights if chance is given because we have ideas and we believe we are ready to exhibit such ideas. You will believe with me that this year’s trade fair is one of the best so far that we’ve ever seen in the country, in the areas of innovation that Chivalry Merchant and Brokers are bringing into it. Like we are introducing raffle draws and it is even making people to turn-up, the crowd will be better any way but at the same time these are the incentives that we are trying to package so that people will look forward to having gifts to go back home with whenever they visit trade show in this country and we have a lot more because we are more innovative and we go back to our drawing boards to think on how to improve trade shows in this country so it is our desire that if this should continue we are going to improve by the day.

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