2002 Lagos International Trade Fair The 2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

(Organised By The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry)  Date: 1st November - 10th November 2002
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Daily News Update From The Trade Fair Complex

Day 10 - Sunday,10th Nov 2002

10 Glorious Days of Commerce and Networking, as Trade Fair Ends

The 22nd Lagos International Trade Fair came to a close today. From a humble background in 1980, the annual fair has become the most popular and widely participated trade show in Nigeria and indeed Africa. This year's events took a different turn with noticeable increase in exhibitors/participants and an astronomical leap in the visitors. The people that visited the fair today is in the neighbourhood of 65,000. (more)

Day 9 - Saturday, 9th Nov 2002

Dwarfs Storm Trade Fair Ground 

The tempo at the fair ground is quite high, with the turnout of visitors becoming larger by the day. Today, over 67,000 people were recorded as at 5.00 pm local time. The security at the gate is finding it very difficult to control the crowd as they become more unruly by the day. In fact, the hawkers have also increased in number as they compete for strategic space close to the main entrance in a bid to attract the visitors to the fair thus making mobility difficult. (read on)

Day 8 - Friday, 8th Nov 2002

Fair Highlights Latest Inventions 

Today at the fair ground, so much like yesterday, the crowd of visitors was almost uncontrollable. This might be attributable to the last minute syndrome of human beings, but many people were seen today coming to make their Christmas and other shopping. The estimated visitors today garnered from the sale of tickets was over 53,000. The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry focused on the Federal Ministry of Transport, Fortune Bank and Rivers State. (more)

Day 7 - Thursday, 7th Nov 2002

OCEANIC Bank Comes to Fair with Online Internet Banking

One of the major significance of a trade fair is the opportunity it affords exhibitors/participants to showcase their innovative products and services to the visitors and the general public. This year's fair was no exception as many exhibitors, especially the banks present at the fair, came to sensitise the public about the new products they have on offer. Today at the fair the visitor number was unprecedented with over 48,000 people jostling and pushing to enter the complex. This year's fair no doubt will record the greatest turnout of visitors in the history of the Lagos International Trade Fair. (more)

Day 6 - Wednesday, 6th Nov 2002

RELTEL Showcases Data-Carrying Fixed Wireless Phone

The hospitality programme at the fair today was slated to be organised by MTN (one of the GSM service provider), Federal Ministry of Transport, Sokoto State and Bauchi State, but they were not all forthcoming as no activity was done. The crowd at the fair seems to
be increasing by the day as over 37, 000 visitors were recorded today by around 6.00 pm. (read on)

Day 5 - Tuesday, 5th Nov 2002

Fair Reaches Mid-Point 

The trade fair enters its 5th day today with the fair ground still a beehive of activities. Visitors were seen clutching bags and baggages containing items purchased at subsidised prices. An estimated 22, 000 visitors were recorded today with the peak hours being between 11 am to 3 pm. (read on)

Day 4 - Monday, 4th Nov 2002

...Things Getting More Interesting

"This is the most interesting fair show I have ever visited in a long time" said Mr. Vijay, an Indian visitor to the 2002 ongoing Trade Fair at the International Trade Fair Complex along Badagry Expressway, Lagos, "the vigour and creativeness of the exhibitors is amazing". (more)

Day 3 - Sunday, 3rd Nov 2002

SAMSUNG Comes With A Bang

Activities at the fair ground today is quite hectic, with over 25,000 visitors. It was like bazaar with visitors wearing their Sunday dresses apparently coming from church to the fair ground. What is noticeable
at this years' fair is the increase in participation in terms of exhibitors with virtually all major companies in the Nigerian economy being represented. A number of companies even has multiple stands at the fair ground. (read on)

Day 2 - Saturday, 2nd Nov 2002

Exhibitors' Stands Competing For Space

Today at the fair ground, activity is upbeat with exhibitors getting their acts together setting up their stands to attract the throng of visitors to the fair ground. Quite unlike yesterday after the opening ceremony when scanty stands were in place, today, as if by magic most exhibitors' stands were in place. The turnout at the fair today was impressive with over 12, 000 visitors. (more)

Day 1 - Friday, 1st Nov 2002

Lagos Trade Fair Returns Back To Base, Opens Amidst Fun Fair      

The eagerly anticipated Lagos International Trade Fair 2002 finally started today, Friday 1st of November 2002 with much pomp and pageantry.  The most striking thing about this year’s fair is the fact that it is being held at the ultra-modern Lagos International Trade Fair Complex along Badagry Expressway, Lagos which is a departure from its sojourn at the Tafawa-Balewa Square, TBS, Lagos for some years now. (more)

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