2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

The 2002 Lagos International Trade Fair

(Organised By The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry)  Date: 1st November - 10th November 2002
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Day 8 - Friday, 8th Nov 2002

Fair Highlights Latest Inventions 

Mr. Paddy Obinna, with 'Education Resk-U' at the FairToday at the fair ground, so much like yesterday, the crowd of visitors was almost uncontrollable. This might be attributable to the last minute syndrome of human beings, but many people were seen today coming to make their Christmas and other shopping. The estimated visitors today garnered from the sale of tickets was over 53,000. The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry focused on the Federal Ministry of Transport, Fortune Bank and Rivers State. 

Ironically, the National Union of Railway Workers started a strike industry action today to vent their anger over the non-payment of 5 months arrears salary. The railway pensioners were not left out of the strike, as they were owed over 2 years arrears too. It was thus speculated that the appearance of the Honourable Transport Minister Chief Ojo Madueke at the fair grounds today will cause some sparks, but everything was fine as the Minister was well received and honoured. 

Crowd waiting to get into the Trade Fair ComplexThe trade fair complex has become like a carnival ground with people of different shades and colour present. Since yesterday, many schools have used the fair venue as an excursion ground for nursery, primary, secondary school pupils, even university undergraduates were not left out as students of the Lagos State University came to the fair ground to understudy the fair complex design and stand structures for a term paper. Among the schools present at the fair are: Jubilee College, Okokomaiko; Perfect Sequence College; Local Government Primary School, Mile 2, Oriwu College, Ikorodu among others. 

The fair ground also afforded some inventors to showcase their inventions. By far the most acknowledged of such creator is one Mr. Paddy Obinna. He is an accomplished artist, designer and creator. He can be seen at the Imo State stand explaining to curious parents and visitors about his game. 

He spent the last 4 years designing and fine-turning the game.  According to him the game was spurred by the need to address the decline in Nigeria’s educational sector. In a way this was his contribution to stall the falling academic standard in the country. The game is called ‘Education Resk-U Game’. Basically, the game seeks to highlight the striking virtues and invaluable records that literacy or education brings. The game is meant to draw attention through leisure to the sadness, ills, joys of hard work and the rewards and lack of it that University education brings to the average Nigerian. 1-8 people can play the game with a dice just like the popular Ludo game. Really, the game has a snake and ladder format with arrows taking up or bringing down players either for punishment or reward as the case may be. The game, which has been, laminated for durability cost a meager N1,500 at the fair ground and N2,000 after the fair. In his determination to reduce the cost of the game, Mr. Obinna is planning to import his own printing machines and start the production of the game in-house. 

Primary school Kids at the FairA major menace at this year's fair like other previous ones is the presence of illegal hawkers who evade all security measures to get their goods into the venue. You can rarely ignore them because they can be seen everywhere, starting from the entry gate to all the nooks and crannys of the complex. They sell any good you can mention under the sun, from toothpastes to slippers, belts, wristwatches, key holders, battery, sponges, hair relaxers, shoes, men's boxers shorts, shirts, jewelries, CDs, transistor radios, and so forth.

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