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Private Universities in Nigeria: Focus on Covenant University (Posted 19th Mar, 2002) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

The period from about 500 to 1400 in Europe is known as the Middle Ages, or the medieval period. It began with the fall of the Roman empire and ended with the Renaissance, when a revival of art and learning swept through Europe. At this period, thousands of men and women devoted their lives to the church, working, praying and studying in monasteries and nunneries. Across Europe monasteries became centers of Western art and learning. 

Campus of Covenant University in Lagos state, Nigeria A 21st century renaissance is taking place in Nigeria, again education is taking the front seat in national priorities and the entry of private sector initiatives is changing the ball game altogether. The need for fresh and innovative ideas to revamp the ailing Nigerian educational system is of high demand. Thus, it was no surprise when the National Universities Commission (NUC) recently granted some private universities approvals to open shop, among these universities is a church funded and managed university called the Covenant University. 

In order to put into proper perspective the vision and mission of the university, the church, Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCW) organised a press conference which was addressed by the presiding Bishop of the church and the Chancellor of the proposed university, Dr. David Oyedepo. The press conference was followed by a facility tour of both the main and mini campuses of the university. In his address to media practitioners, the Bishop explained the vision, significance of the name, antecedents, philosophy, focus and motto, programmes and admission procedures of the university. According to him the idea of a church funded university came to him around September 1999, by November 27 same year an In-House Consortium was set up to begin the filing and documentation process as may be required by the National Universities Commission (NUC). This body collected formal application by December 1999, so by February 17, 2000 an Advisory Council was set up to moderate on the take off details. Activities was at top gear when the verification team of the NUC showed up on August 15, 2001 for a final inspection of facilities and programmes. This visit culminated in the granting and presentation of the operation license to the Covenant University by February 12, 2002. 

Dr. David Oyedepo, addressing the press and the public. The university will have two campuses, one described as a Mini Campus situated at 38, Raji-Oba Street, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos which will serve as a Satellite Campus for all Part-time , Professional, Sandwich and Pre-degree courses and the Main Campus a 267 acre land whose foundation was laid on January 27, 2002 at Km. 10 Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria better known as Canaan Land. It is hoped that the university will by September 12, 2002 resume for academic session with her first set of charter students (estimated to be around 1,600 - 2,000) after the completion of the initial phase of the main campus project. Presently, the Mini-Campus can boast of a 2,500 seater main auditorium, a library for around 150 students, language laboratory, computer room and a number of modern classrooms. Proposed projects at the permanent site for the first phase according to the project manager, Pastor Adeyinka is the completion of 4 blocks of hostel accommodation using the Golden Lamp Stand concept. Each block will have 4 floors and will accommodate over 1,500 students with 2 blocks for male and 2 for female, the hostel is expected to be completed in 3 months. Also, to be constructed are the academic blocks, staff quarters (for junior, senior and principal officers), sports center, central cafeteria, shopping complex, health center and main administration block which will be a 24 storey edifice. 

Covenant University: Admission Requirements, Procedure and Contact Details

The choice of the name "Covenant" seeks to connote the agreement with students to deliver their desires for excellence and career exploits; and with their parent's and guardians by giving them the best value for their investment. The university plans to make The Total Man from her student to confound the antecedents of other Nigerian universities. The institution is founded on five philosophical platforms which are: A departure from form to skill A departure from knowledge to empowerment A departure from figures to future-building A departure from legalism to realism A departure from points to facts, and A departure from 'mathe-matics' to 'life-matics'

This informs the university's motto: "Promoting Mental Productivity". Her mission is to promote the relevance of university education to the society; to process the raw brains of their students into productive and resourceful entities; and to promote the mental dignity of the human race particularly the Africans who have largely lost their mental bravery to colonial entanglements. Covenant university will operate a Collegiate system; the first phase will start with 3 Colleges namely: I College of Business and Management Studies II College of Arts and Humanities III College of Science and Technology.

College of Business and Management Studies

This college will run 4 departments and 14 programmes namely: 

  • Department of Accounting: Accounting, Banking and Finance
  • Department of Business Management: Business Administration, Public Administration, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Production and Quantitative Business Analysis, Industrial Relations, Health Services Management
  • Department of Economics and Development Studies: Economics, Financial Economics, Development Studies
  • Department of Political Science: Political Science, International Relations Policy and Strategic Studies

PG Studies Post Graduate MBA Programmes


This will run 3 departments and 16 programmes namely:

  • Department of Human Development, Social Work, Psychology, Demographic Studies, Human Development Studies, Philosophy
  • Department of Languages and Communication Arts, Mass Communication, English Language French and Public Relations
  • Department of Ministerial Arts, Christian Education, Mission Administration, Christian Leadership, Biblical Studies, Church Growth Strategies, Mission Resource and Project Management, Guidance and Counseling


This college will run 2 departments and 9 programmes namely: 

  • Department of Computer and Information Technology: Management Information Systems, Computer Science Information Technology, Computer Engineering
  • Department of Environmental Sciences Architecture: Estate Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying

The university will adopt the general admission process stipulated for all standard Nigerian universities, though candidates will also be required to pass the Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Test (CUSAT). Fielding questions from reporters at the press conference the The site of the soon-to-built main campus of the university. presiding Bishop believes that a "mission sponsored university cannot condole occultic activity", so he sees the emergence of cultism in the university as almost impossible. He maintains that the university will adopt a programme called Total Man Concept which is a programme designed to enlighten the student of fundamental issues of life that are not contained in any of our regular discipline in school for instance personal financial management, purpose, pursuit, planning, commitment, vision etc which are missing in our students, quoting John F Kennedy who says "a child mis-educated is a child lost" so the idea is to re-direct and re-engineer man to become conscious of his environment. 

According to him "the university is open to all but each student must follow the rules of the institution" and it plans to run extensive exchange programs with like institutions across the world particularly the West so that current cutting technology can be tapped in all areas the school will be involved and student can be internationally exposed. Answering a question on school fees he says the tuition fee is yet to be fixed, but reassures that the fees will be cheap with the possibility of scholarship for indigent students who have identified needs. On the issue of Vice Chancellor, he says the university is yet to have one, that also applies to the question of a College of Medicine which is slated for the phase two of the school. He says "all students will be fully accommodated and convertible facilities already exist for that purpose". Though, he insists that lecturers and students will not be allowed to join trade and student unions respectively according to him "he that has the pipe dictates the tune, so lecturers and teachers will not be part of ASUU and the students will not be part of a national student union organisation because they are mission student in a mission sponsored university, they were admitted on application not by people coming to your house to beg you, you beg to apply and admitted to comply and if you refuse to comply you are on your way back to your village". 

Indeed, Nigeria is taking the bull by the horn by encouraging private investments into all facet of the economy. Recently, the Federal Government also implored the Organised Private Sector (OPS) to invest in the provision of students' hostels to Federal and State owned universities in order to ease accommodation problems. Described as "development partners", the private sector will be provided land by the university authorities on which they are expected to build and maintain hostels over a period of time when they are expected to have recovered their investments. These are veritable grounds for investments for both local and foreign investors who should see the limitless opportunities inherent in Nigeria's educational sector and quickly grab it.

Covenant University: Admission Requirements, Procedure and Contact Details

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