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Featured Nigerian Web Sites (Reviewed, Dec 1st 2005) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

A classy site with very useful and welcome information on this engaging city. this site should turn Lagos lookers to confident and self-assured persons. It has so much for virtually everyone. A must-visit for people who want to visit the city and even for us who live there and love and probably hate it in equal measure.

Featured Site (July, 2004)

Nigerian Customs Service

Every nation needs an organisation to police the movement of goods and services going in and out through its border. In Nigeria's case, this role falls to the Nigerian Customs Service. Its site provides most of the information that most people would love to know about the organisation's services. The site is simply designed with ease navigation.

Featured Site (June, 2004)

As the name suggests, this site deals with buying and selling properties mainly in Nigeria. It has a property search tool with many options to suit virtually everyone, featured property section, new listings, useful tips, buying abroad, etc. Though it appears that there are yet to be many properties on the site's database. When this situation improves, this site will be indispensable to Nigerians and foreigners alike who wish to buy a property in Nigeria.

Featured Site (August, 2003)

Rightly or wrongly, Nigeria is perceived as a country that breeds fraudsters, especially advance fee fraud, AKA 419. In its resolve to fight this few people from further tarnishing the image of the country, the Federal Government of Nigeria set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to fight this scourge. The body was set up in December 2002. You will have a better insight into the Nigerian Government's resolve to put an end to the activities of these fraudsters and others by visiting this simple and easily usable web site.

Featured Site (July, 2003)

Preview: Fate Foundation is a charity Organisation that has for a couple of years now been training promising young entrepreneurs to become capable and successful managers of their own businesses. To cap it all, the organisation also ensures that financing avenues are made available or enhanced for all the people that go through their trainings. Fate Foundation's lead in this area is very much laudable and their web site offers visitors in-depth information about the organisation and its activities

Featured Site (April, 2003)

Preview: As this is Nigeria's Elections month, we feel this is the right time to introduce this site to you. It has an online Nigerian constitution that spells out all that you have always wanted to know on the country's political processes and other issues. Soak it in and tell others about it!

Featured Site (March, 2003)

Preview: MTN Communications Limited started operating GSM services in Nigeria in August 2001 and is currently the telecom company with the highest number of subscribers/active telephone lines - over 1 million customers. Its site is elegantly and tastefully designed, and as you probably rightly guessed, is fully "embroidered" in Yhello!. It is full of useful information and also a fun site to visit. The ball is in your court to soak in the juicy bits on this site.

Featured Site (February, 2003)  (Nigeria's Anti Corruption Commission)

Preview: If you are Nigerian, you have probably heard so much about this agency since 1999 from numerous sources. Here is an opportunity to learn one or two things about the commission directly from its officials, on its official web site. We hope you are not disappointed in doing so.

Featured Site (January, 2003)

Preview: Web sites hardly come bigger than this. This is easily one of the gathering points especially for Nigerians outside the shores of the country. It is rich in content, with general & business news, current affairs & politics, forums, features, useful links and so much more. Also incorporates Nigeriaworld. This is a web site that should not be ignored by any one with interest of any kind in or on Nigeria.

Featured Site (October, 2002)

Preview: If there is a genuine voice of Northern Nigeria on the Internet, then this is it. It has focus. It features lots of articles on the Nigerian political, economic and social conditions from the Northern, and to some extent Southern perspectives. It also pulls in daily news from numerous other sources like The Triumph and ThisDay Newspapers and provides links to numerous others. The existence of this web site can only add to the body of information on Nigeria today.

Featured Site (September, 2002)

Preview: This is a gem of a site that focuses on Nigerian arts; from music to literature, visual arts to performance. Aesthetic, yet very user-friendly. It also includes audio clips and pictures of featured artists and a forum where you could agree or disagree with others on various issues and in the process learn new things. This site is easily one of the best Nigerian web sites around regardless of topic, and in our opinion, is a must-experience for any lover of the arts, whether you are a Nigerian or a foreigner. Enjoy it.




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