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Lagos International Trade Fair Kicks Off on a Promising Note (Posted 7th November, 2003) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

The crowd at the Trade Fair todayThe 2003 annual edition of the Lagos International Trade Fair organized by The Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), tagged “Global Trade and Business Networking for Economic Prosperity” commenced on a promising note. A colourful opening ceremony was held at the multi-purpose ultra-modern Lagos International Trade Fair Complex along Badagry Expressway. Today marks the beginning of another ten days trade fiesta. Every sector of the Nigerian economy ranging from Information Communication Technology (ICT), Banking, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Building & Construction etc. were all noticeably represented at the fair ground.   

President Olusegun Obasanjo who was initially billed to declare the fair open but was conspicuously absent due to other more important national assignment. Though absent, he was ably represented by the honorable Minister for commerce and Industry, Ambassador A.D Idris Waziri who delivered the presidential speech. In his speech, the president restated the commitment of his administration to creating a level playing ground and his commitment to keep empowering the Organised Private Sector (OPS). He noted that the government is quite aware of the enormity of the challenges involved in organizing international fairs of this magnitude and standard and promised that the organizers will continue to enjoy the support of the federal government.

Minister for Commerce & Industry, Ambassador Idris Waziri, declaring the Fair OpenPresident of the Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry, LCCI, Chief John Odeyemi, (FCA) in his welcome remark noted that the theme “Global Trade and Business Networking for Economic Prosperity” was chosen to underscore the significance of trade and globalisation to economic development. Trade in this context connotes not just import but also exports. He also restated that for Nigerians to benefit maximally from global trade it is pertinent to ensure an enabling economic environment to enhance competitiveness of the Nigerian private sector. It is important to build the capacity of the Nigerian Private sector to be globally competitive. Mr. Odeyemi further noted that the level of global exports of merchandise was 6.2 trillion dollars in 2001 alone and has ever been increasing since then. Thus he wants Nigeria to be part of this expanding global network of trade.

The 2003 edition was formally declared open with the cutting of the tape by the Hon. Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ambassador A.D Idris Waziri. This was immediately followed by the tour of major Exhibitors Pavilions by the Hon. Minister and his entourage. They were taken round the fair ground by the President of the Lagos Chambers at about 1.15pm.

Foreign Participants at the FairWith the facilities put in place by the organisers of this years trade show, it is unarguably going to be one of the best trade fair in recent years. Also, for the first time the chambers decided to segregate the fair ground into two main sections known as the International Trade Section and the ECOWAS Section (General business section). The International Trade Section will cater for the foreign and big players at the complex. The serene atmosphere at the International section will allow for proper business networking between local and foreign participants. The other section, the ECOWAS or General Business section will be for general commercial buying and selling of goods by local hawkers and traders.


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