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Top 20 Companies on the Lagos (Nigerian) Stock Exchange : 2000 & 2001(Reviewed, 22nd July 2002) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

Year 2001


Market Capitalisation (in Naira)

Nigeria Breweries PLC. 66.1 billion
First Bank of Nig. PLC. 47.9 billion
Union Bank Nigeria PLC. 42.5 billion
Unilever Nig PLC. 33 billion
Nestle Nigeria PLC. 27.1 billon
M-Net/Supersport. 26 3 billion
Nigeria Bottling Company PLC. 26 3 billion
West African Portland Company PLC. 25.2 billion
Guinness Nigeria PLC. 24.4 billion
Cadbury Nigeria PLC 21.8 billion
TotalfinaElf Nigeria PLC. 21.5 billion
United Bank for Africa PLC. 19.6 billion
P.Z. Industries PLC. 15.5 billion
Agip [Nigeria] PLC 14.8 billion
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC 14.8 billion
Mobil Oil Nigeria PLC 13.4 Billion
Ashaka Cement PLC 12.2 billion
Nat. Oil &Chem. Marketing Co.PLC. 10.2 billion
Texaco [Nigeria] PLC 10.1 billion
FSB International Bank PLC 10.1 billion

Year 2000

Company Market Capitalisation (In Naira)
First Bank of Nig. PLC. 38.7 billion
Nigeria Breweries PLC. 37.4 billion
Union Bank Nigeria PLC 34.7 billion
United Bank for Africa PLC 23.5 billion
Guinness Nigeria PLC 21.6 billion
Lever Brothers Nigeria PLC 19.8 billion
Nestle Nigeria PLC 18.6 billion
P Z Industries PLC. 15.2 billion
Total Nigeria PLC. 13.8 billion
Nigeria Bottling Company PLC 11.9 billion
West African Portland Company PLC. 11.8 billion
Mobil Oil Nigeria PLC. 11.7 billion
Afribank Nigeria PLC. 11.3 billion
Cadbury Nigeria PLC. 10.4 billion
Agip [Nigeria] PLC 8.7 billion
National. Oil &Chem. Marketing Co. PLC 8.5 billion
Texaco (Nigeria) PLC. 7.9 billion
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. 6.5 billion
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC. 5.9 billion

The Nigerian Naira exchange rate is currently 123.15  to the US Dollar, 192.6435  to the British Pound and 124.0121 to the Euro. This is as at 17.7.02

Source: The Nigerian Stock Exchange

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