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Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (Reviewed, 12th Nov 2001) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

Brief History

Deciding whether to invest in a country is never an easy task. It requires crucial information, research and planning. This led to the formation of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) in July 1995. The NIPC is an indispensable ally of potential foreign investors. The NIPC is tasked with overcoming the bureaucratic and institutional red tape that had previously discouraged foreign investors especially from taking advantage of Nigeria's wealth of opportunities.

NIPC Building, Abuja, NigeriaLocated in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, the NIPC building is open, modern, and efficient-looking. A one-stop necessity for potential investors, it serves as a central investment approval agency, streamlining the activities of ministries, government departments and agencies involved with investment promotion. It helps in matters such as registration or incorporation of foreign enterprises, obtain expatriate quotas or find out specifics about the different tax regimes for sectors like cargo, oil or mining.

It also serves as a catalyst for injecting the much-desired foreign capital into Nigerian economy through investments. It allows foreigners and local investors alike wishing to own up to 100% shares in investments in the country. It is also encourages and promotes competition in the economy..


The NIPC performs the following functions:
  • Advises government on policy issues related to investment.
  • Guarantees the protection of foreign interests in Nigeria against expropriation.
  • Administers appropriate incentives packages avail able to investors.
  • Guarantees transferability of profits and other funds by investors.
  • Initiates, organises and participates in promotional activities such as trade fairs, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and seminars to simulate and attract investment.
  • Identifies difficulties and problems encountered by investors, proffer solutions and render assistance to them.


The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission provides the services below to interested investors and prospective investors:

  • Provides up-to-date information on investment opportunities available in the country.
  • Links foreign investors with local partner.
  • Provides information on available incentives for investment.
  • Issues business permits to foreign investors.
  • Coordinates the issuance of expatriate quota.
  • Negotiates in consultation with appropriate government agencies, specific incentive packages for investors.
  • Enters directly into bilateral agreement with investors for purposes of investment
  • Identifies specific project and invites interested investors to per take in them. And more.

Email Address: [email protected]; [email protected]

Physical Address

Plot 1181 Aguiyi Ironsi Street
Maitama District

Tel: +234-9-4134380
Fax: +234-9-4134112

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