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ORACLE 9iAS Opens A Fresh Vista in E-Business in Nigeria (Posted 25th Nov, 2001) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.

Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Lagos played host to Oracle professionals and I.T industry operators as the Oracle Corporation African Operations launched in Nigeria its new innovation in e-business, Oracle9iAS. Oracle9iAS is an application server that combines within it a complete e-business infrastructure software suite that addresses the challenges of designing, deploying, and managing e-business applications including enterprise integration solutions. According to Mr. Harold Anumihe, the Oracle Territory Manager for Nigeria, in welcoming participants at the seminar, he traced the history of Oracle to 1977 when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for a special project invited a team of software developers; this team later became the founding fathers of the Oracle Corporation.

The Oracle Corporation has presence in over 150 countries with employees in excess of 21,000 worldwide. Oracle sinks annually over one billion dollars in research and development (R&D). This has led to their undisputed position as the leader in Internet database. Oracle operates in each country through their Oracle Partner Program (OPP). This is basically to encourage local I.T capacity building and development. Presently in Nigeria, the two Oracle partners are Tara Systems Limited and Megatech Earth Digital Systems Limited.

Mr. Kuedu, an Oracle technical consultant, gave a detailed verbal and visual presentation on the limitless possibilities of the Oracle9iAS. A component, Oracle9iAS Integration provides a full-featured solution for enterprise applications integration, business-to-business integration, and web services integration. Oracle9iAS Integration provides a powerful business process-driven solution that enables organisations to implement a systematic and scalable infrastructure for integrating virtually any packaged or legacy applications. For Oracle E-Business Suite and Exchange customers, it provides the ability to quickly and easily link to 3rd party packaged applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft.

According Mr. Anthonio Sophie, the Regional Manager, Region 2, that covers Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria, he sees Nigeria as having the largest share of Oracle investment in the region, with her large human resource and market. He stressed the company's intention to expand Oracle knowledge in the country with the aim of having Nigerian professionals available for exporting of such knowledge in the nearest future. Presently, Oracle is concentrating on building infrastructure in the country and the software developed in the U.S. currently brought into the country are localised to suit the African terrain. Mr. Sophie stated that the corporation plans to introduce Oracle at the university level in the country. He added that this plan has reached its final stage with a university already identified.

Mr. Blessing Iyalla, Megatech CEO on his part sees Oracle as a special software package which can be applied to various business situations in Nigeria. He insists that professionals that have the knowledge of the program are abundant in the country, though many of such experts are not Oracle certified due to high cost of the certification and the premium on experience rather than certificates in the field. Mr. Harold discloses the intention of the Corporation to organise an Oracle User Group by December this year and believes this will help identify the existing Oracle experts in the country.

On his part the CEO of Tara Systems, Mr. Seni Williams mentioned the organisations that are already using the Oracle software in Nigeria this include the two GSM companies; ECONET and MTN, Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC), Nigeria, Broad Bank and the duo of Kaduna and Warri refineries. He attributes the successful operation of these companies to the use of the Oracle software.

Abuja Sheraton Hotels will be the next point of call for the Oracle guys come November 22nd, this is to allow the Abuja crowd to have a feel of the Oracle spectacle. Mr. Harold traces the success of Oracle to partnership and assisting the Nigerian economy.


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