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Smartcard Expo 2002

ATMs as a Self Service Delivery Channel: What to consider in Decision Making: By Rowan Swatz: ATM Solution (Posted 4th Jul, 2002)

A. Why ATMs ?
i. Everyone else is doing it !
ii. Service Client Areas
iii. Alleviate Branch Queues
iv. Make Profit
v. Increase Bank Branding
vi Increase Card Base
vii. 24 Hour Availability
viii.Competitive Advantage

B A Bit of History
i. 1967 - First Automated Teller Machine
ii. Single Usage Cards
iii. Multi Usage Cards
iv. Inter Bank Networks
v. Transaction Fees
vi. National Networks / International Networks
vii. Multi Function ATMs
viii.Independent ISO ATMs

C. My Credentials
i. ATM Solutions – South African ISO
ii. Running over 650 ATMs in South Africa
iii. Live in Australia – 450 ATMs
iv. Expertise in Running Networks
v. About to go live in Europe
vi. About to go live in Africa

D. First Look
a. World’s Best Selling Brand
b. Brand the Other Banks Use
c. ATM Platform
d. Cheapest ATM
e. Historically Most Used

E. First Questions …
1. What Functions do You need from the ATM ?

a. Cash Withdrawal
b. Balance Enquiries
c. Transfers
d. Deposits
e. Pre Pay Vending
f. Account Payments
2. Know your Target Market
3. Who do you wish to Service ?
a. Bank
b. Clients
c. Other Banks Clients
d. Tourists
4. Where are the ATMs to be located ?
a. Bank Branches
b. Off Premise
c. Rural Areas

D. Communications
i. What type of Communications network?
a. Leased Line
b. Wireless Comms
c. Satellite
d. Dial Up LAN Other

11. What is Available ? How Easy ? Price.

E. Maintenance
1. Maintenance
i. How will ATMs be Maintained
ii. Roads
iii. Costs
iv. Other Options
2. Logistics ! Logistics ! Logistics !

F. Cash Management
1. Cash Management
i. Availability of Cash
ii. Transport of Cash
iii. Control of Cash
iv. Note Quality
v. Recycling Cash
vi. Security
vii. Custodians
2. Logistics ! Logistics ! Logistics !

G. Security
i. ATM and Cash Security
a. Alarms and Alarm Responses
b. Customer Safety
c. Vaults
d. Rear Loading / Front Loading Vaults
e. Cash Replenishment Cycles
f. Cash Management
ii. Understand your entire Security
iii. Practices from end to end !

H. Interoperability
i. Sharing your Network
a. Do you want Interoperability ?
b. Is there a National Switch ?
c. Can infrastructure be shared ?
d. What systems are Open ?
ii. Understand Interoperability Issues

I. Outsourcing
i. To Outsource or Not
a. Do you wish to Outsource ?
b. What advantages lie within Outsourcing ?
c. What experience has your partner had ?
d. Where do the Skills come from ?
e. Controlling your Outsource.
ii. Understand your Options

J. Other Areas
i. Country Infrastructure
a. Electricity
b. Skills
c. Insurance
d. Card Base etc
ii. Have a comprehensive Strategy

K. In Summary
i. Know your Business
a. What You want to Do ?
b. Why You want to Do It ?
c. How You are going to Do It ?
d. Who will You work with ?

Rowan Swartz
ATM Solutions -27 11 531 5300
[email protected]


How we can make ePayment work:
Adedotun Sulaiman CMD, Accenture - Lagos July 2002

This is basically a summary of my earlier presentation and my message is consistent that we must learn to collaborate and “co-opete”. Also, we must take our success/lives in our hands and shape our emerging ePayment space to suit our situation, learning from the rest of the world. Every stakeholder has some role to play and new skills to learn

A. Mindset shift
i. Industry collaboration/coopetition (especially in establishing industry infrastructure)
ii. Leap frog
iii. Multiple bets
iv. Value and cost saving Vs revenue generating in early days

B. Marketing / education drive
c. New skills
i. Customer-centrism Vs product/technology-centrism (leveraging ePayment investments/infrastructure to mine customer data and differentiate our selves in the market place/ advance the market of one objective)
ii. Technology knowledge
iii. Investment savvy
iv. Co-operation/collaboration – a unique framework for each organisation that shows when to collaborate, go it alone or …

D. Outsourcing and new business models
E. Scale
i. Network effect
ii. Applications
iii. Funds
F. Government involvement and encouragement (especially with smart cards)
G. Regulatory improvements
H. Presence of an Honest broker (the CBN, a private organisation that understands the industry I. and is credible or a mix of both)
J. Think big, start small (fail fast-cheap) and scale fast
K. Also know the 4 Ss of ePayments
L. Simplicity, Standards, Security and Scale
M. Above all we must learn from other parts of the world and make the best of our investments

Retailer’s Perspective Of Smart Card Payment Systems: TFC/Flavours/Tantanlizers/Valuemart
Cash To Card Culture By Horochi Enelamah

Points Of Discussion
1. Picture from my Perspective
2. Key points from Golden Gate Seminar (on smart card)
3. Cash to card culture (Retailers Perspective)
4. Prescriptions (using the S.W.O.T Principle)
5. Conclusion.

1. Picture From My Perspective
Past Experience:
There’s need you all know I’m thrilled to be here not just as a participant but also as a speaker, which makes my positioning beyond the norm in this exhibition

Present Perspective ;
This day reminds me of my “internal excitement” at the Seminar held at the Fortune Hall of the Golden Gate Restaurant a few months ago where we had “the smart card seminar” on changing the cash culture and my focus was on ‘Transition To True Transactions'. (Make conclusions from last event)

3. Cash To Card Culture (Retailer’s Perspective)
Let me start by commending Mr.Femi Esho (comm. expert S.O & U) and the organ he represents for taking action on my recommendations .
For synergy and clarity I’ll summarize my key points from the last event.
Infotainment above advertisement (entertainment) is prime on my list-using Mr.Esho’s organization's style (the valucard Advert) and the man carrying a ghana must go bag (as it’s popularly called). This is a good start “Trading entertainment for infotainment”.

i. Strengths: The valucard system (being the key smart card brand used in Nigeria) it’s proven to be Fast,safe,secure and convenient.
ii. Weakness: Using my restaurants (Flavours foods) as an example we’ve had to wait (for two,three and sometimes four days) at times for our valucard transactions to be downloaded and credited to our accounts.
iii. Opportunities: If commission is eliminated (for now) more merchants (including the Oke-arin,Mile 12,Alaba traders and market women) can have access to the machines (P.O.S) and this automatically increases the number of users.NOTE: Whatever touches the lives of those at the grassroots transforms the lives of their down liners and up-liners also.
iv. Threats: Banks “Pick up Cash” strategy is a key hindrance to the success of smart cards,which will thin out the eventual possibility of new entrants into the use of smart cards, should this continue.

Focus on the educated ones alone is not the best ; professionals, relegating the market men and women to the background, who could become future users and strong points of the service(use of smart cards) in the country.

Finally I’ll like to commend the Valucard/Mtn initiative (which is a tilt towards easing mobile phone recharge for airtime) saving users the stress and time of scratching cards to mention a few.

My desire is that we make choices together that we can use to change the culture that has dominated our world concerning this cash conscious country to a card driven community

Let me leave you with the words of Barbara Bush:" Choices do come back and decisions are not irrevocable". It's our duty to build the right foundations for a lasting future for this system we all will reap from ,only if we build the right blocks –choosing cards above cash in all our decisions and do not forget we all are benefactors of everything that’s in play in our country(whether as merchants, providers and customers) which we all become time over.

Thank you for listening and good afternoon.
By Horochi Enelamah.


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