2ND - 4TH JULY 2002  (Organised By Intermarc Consulting)


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Smartcard Expo 2002

Day 2 - Highlights of the Presentation by Graham Bendell, Director of Operations, Smart Card Society of Southern Africa.  (Posted 3rd July, 2002)

Topic:- Smart Cards in southern Africa: lesson for the rest of Africa.

Some Members of the High Table at the Smart Card Expo 2002What is smart card technology? Smart card technology is a method of carrying UP-DATABLE information in digital form, which is instantly available under security control by an inexpensive reading device linked or more importantly, not linked to a computer network.

The Future for smart card in south Africa:

1. Home Affairs National Identification system (HANIS)
2. Taxi Recapitalisation
3. Debit and Credit Cards
4. Live stock
5. Road Tolling
6. Loyalty
7. Vending
8. Tertiary Education
9. Others…….

Why use smart card in Africa?

A. We can leap-frog technology
B. Inexpensive infrastructure
C. Secure proof of identity
D. Customers’ convenience
E. Reduced administrative cost
F. Reduced fraud
G. Security of information
H. Ultimate distributed database

Lesson for Africa

1. Why do we need to change at all?
2. What are the problems to be solved?
3. Why are smart cards the best answer?
4. What other benefit will smart cards give?

Lesson for Africa

1. Obtain budget using the business case and stake-holder buy-in
2. Appoint a senior and decisive CHAMPION responsible to the highest authority
3. Set objectives and key dates
4. Issue the tender in lay terms to include time scales
5. Rapidly decide tender award

Lesson for Africa

1. Employ or out source adequate staff with time incentives
2. Non-negotiable regular progress meetings
3. Appoint a public relations strategist
4. Test using a pilot site
5. Roll out with maximum hype and a help desk


a. Political interference and goal-post changing.
b. Legality and legislation amendment needs


"Africa has unique situation with unique solutions, in many respects we are pioneers"


1. WHY SMART CARDS? Cost saving, convenience, Loyalty, security, speed etc.
2. CARD CONTENTS: - Photo – Biometric - Data – Artwork etc.
3. CARD TYPE: Contact – Contactless – Both
4. READ DEVICE: Static – Portable – Both
5. WRITE DEVICE: Static – Portable – Both – Printer
6. NETWORK: Instant – Delayed – Nil – Local only – National – Mixture


1. Europe: Wide spread usage
2. Asia: Usage rapidly expanding
3. America: South – Usage rapidly expanding
North – Lagging behind because of legacy systems, but security now becoming massively important.
4. Australia: Rapid build-up
5. Africa: Great Potential because: No legacy systems, inexpensive solution, high crime rate, and simplicity of operation.

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