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Corporate Profile

Intermac is an abbreviation for Integrated marketing Communications.

Intermarc Consulting Limited is therefore an integrated Marketing Communication Consulting Company, with particular emphasis on electronic business marketing. 

The Company

Intermarc Consulting Limited (“Intermarc" or the company) was registered in May 1989 to engage in the business of Integrated Marketing Consulting and e-business advisory in January 2001, and commenced full fledged e-business marketing consulting and management services immediately. 

The Company has an authorised and fully paid-up share capital of N1m made up of 1 million ordinary shares at N1.00 each. Arrangements are however at an advanced stage to increase the authorised and fully paid up capital to N25m made up of 25 million ordinary shares N1. 00 each. 

The Mission of Intermarc Consulting Limited is to provide advisory and management services in the area of the electronic business, with special emphasis on workshops, conference, fairs and exhibition as well as specialised e-business journal publishing. 

The company will also make strategic investments that would enhance the growth and development of electronic business in Nigeria. 

The Strategic goals of the company are to create and promote a viable market for electronic business in Nigeria economy in the first instance and ultimately in the West Africa sub-region; and to collaborate with first class international institutions in financial I. T in elevating the quality of e-products and e-services offering in the sub-region of West Africa. 

Intermarc Consulting Limited is an e-business consulting company, registered to cater to the needs of Banks, Telecommunication Company and operators - the Information Technology Industry. 

Intermarc is an appreciation integrated marketing communications which is the area of strength of the company. In carry out our business we will therefore combine this strength with out expertise in electronic business and information/communications technology to provide sustainable superior performance. 

Our service focus includes specialised financial publication, event management, training and workshop, conference and exhibition as well as advisory services. 

Our Vision:

To be the preferred e-business services provider in our chosen markets rendering sustainable superior performance that exceed our customer’s expectation.  

As a world clan e-business consulting company, the people of Intermarc Consulting conduct business through the Strategic Framework, a powerful, participative management process which provides vision and direction. The Framework tells us where we want to go (our Mission), what we need to get there (Our Goals) and the behaviours we want to exhibit as we face the day-to-day challenges of business life (our Values). 

The Strategic Framework and Values are the foundation upon which we build our global leadership.

Our Mission:

We are a worldwide team committed to creating distinctive solutions for the need of Banks, Telcos and the Information Technology Industry in the area of e-business consulting. 

We measure our success by the achievement of market leadership, superior financial returns and an environment of trust and personal growth. 

We accomplish this through the dedication of all of us and all of our resources to continuous improvement in all that we do. 

Our Goals: 


Develop and maintain a team of motivated and talented individuals working in an environment that fosters accomplishment, ownership, creativity, mutual respect and the opportunity for each person to realize their full potential.

Service Leadership

Develop and maintain services, which result in superior customer satisfaction so as to achieve and sustain leadership in our chosen segments.

Marketing Excellence

Establish a world-class, marketing-driven organization, which pre-empts our competitors at identifying and responding to customer needs.

Resource Utilisation

Ensure the most effective and efficient use of all company resources.

Corporate Citizenship

Conduct our affairs so that we are known to ourselves, our business partners, our customers and our communities as a trusted company with high standards, integrity and concern for the cultures and environment in which we operate.

Growth and Profitability

Create a business that will achieve growth and profitability that provide a superior return on investment to our shareholders.

Our Values:

We are a winning team.

We believe that we will succeed only as a team and that the full participation of all is essential to the fulfilment of our mission. It is imperative that we create an environment of mutual respect, candour and trust; where all can reach their highest potential; where individual initiative and performance are recognised and rewarded; where all identify with success of the company; and where a winning attitude prevails.

We are customer driven.

We believe that the success is our business depends on understanding and satisfying the needs of the consumer. Market needs must drive our choice of products and services and the way we deliver them. At the same time, success in delivering those products and services requires that the recipients of internal services and staff work deserve the same consideration so that all our activities create value.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement.

We believe that sustained success depends on the maintenance of superior quality, which we will only achieve through continuous improvement in everything we do. In a dynamic, competitive world to stand still is to be left behind. We encourage a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo and the creativity and initiative to do something about it. Openness to change, to experimentation and to the search for a better way characterizes our attitude to every aspect of our work.

We have a sense of urgency.

We believe that being first, speed of action, hard work and an aggressive determination to get things done are characteristics of every winning team. In our business they are a condition for survival. The first to market has an often-insurmountable advantage. The quickest to move keeps everyone else off balance. The will to succeed very often wins the day through sheer determination.

We act responsibility.

We believe that integrity is an essential asset. Our success is worth having, and ultimately will occur only if our every action is characterised by staying true to our values, and the best of each of the societies in which we work and live. We will always do the right thing.


Business Activities

The business activities of Consulting Limited is concentrated on providing e-business consulting and marketing management services through the following offerings:

Events Marketing

  • Workshops and Summit

  • International Conferences and Exhibitions (Exposium)

  • Technology fairs

Marketing Management

  • Advisory Services on e-business strategic

  • Financial I. T. Consulting

  • E-Product design and development

Specialised Publishing

  • E-business journals and newsletter

Strategic Activities

  • Intermarc Consulting Limited also undertakes strategic activities in the electronic banking segment and financial I. T. These activities which is in line with the company’s long term strategic goals include:

  • Direct investment in the development and introduction of electronic cheque guarantee card to be promoted by a consortium of banks.

  • Development and Implementation of on-line Customer Relations Software Packages for financial Institutions.

  • Organise Training on Specialised Marketing Management for banks and financial institutions. This will be in collaboration with CIM, London and WITS Business School, South Africa.


  1. Adeyinka Adeyemi is a marketing Consultant and a Banker with Specialisation in electronic Banking and Card Payment Systems. He worked with New World Merchant Bank (now Trust Bank of Africa) before joining Smartcard Nigeria Plc and then Societe General Bank Nig. Ltd. He is a chartered marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, (CIM) London and a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria.

  2. Susan Okungbowa is the General Manager. She has an MBA from Edo State University. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Administration, Nigeria.

  3. Kevwe Kohwarien is the manager responsible for sales and marketing. He has a B.Sc from the University of Ife.

  4. Sophie Evbodaghae is the manager in charge of operations. She has a higher national diploma in accountancy.

Technical Advisors

The Management and Board of Intermarc Consulting Limited are supported by a carefully selected team of highly seasoned and reputable players in key areas of electronic business. They play the role of technical advisers on e-business projects as well as the specialised journal - Technobrands Review. 

They are as follows:

  1. Mr. Demola Aladekomo: Managing Director Chams Nigeria Limited a prominent player in Cards and I. T. Solution in Nigeria.

  2. Mr. Louis Edozien: Managing Director of Secure Trust Company Nigeria Limited the Promoters of STC-Elinex Solutions in partnership with Proton Worldwide.

  3. Mr. Taiwo Otiti: A Citibank Trained I.T. Professional with specialisation in electronic banking solutions. He is currently the General Manager (Operations) Societe General Bank (Nig.) Ltd where he represents his bank in the board of Smartcard Nigeria Plc.

  4. Dr. Evans Woherem: Executive Director, First Bank of Nigeria Plc and a highly reputable professional with specialisation in financial I.T. solutions. He represents his bank on the board of Smartcard Nigeria Plc.

  5. Mrs. Kofo Akinkugbe: Managing Director of Interface Technologies Ltd., an organisation that is specialised in I.T. Security issues particularly Biometrics and digital signature. 

Corporate Information 

Registered Office:  1st Floor, Marina Building Ebani House,                     149/153, Broad Street, Lagos.

Postal:  P. O. Box 2022, Surulere, Lagos.

Company Secretary/Legal Advisers: Jite Olatunbode & Co., 94 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. 

Bankers:  Continental Trust Bank Limited & Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.

Tel: +234-1-2665291, 2667842

Fax: +234-21667842

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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