2ND - 4TH JULY 2002  (Organised By Intermarc Consulting)


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About Our Sponsors

Societe Generale Bank (Nig.) Ltd. is a member of Valucard Scheme in Nigeria. It was the first bank in Nigeria to implement an ATM scheme in 1990 and currently has the biggest ATM operation in Nigeria.

NCR Plc. is a leading global organisation which has focused on promoting self-service channels in banking. NCR is currently implementing the Nigerian Automated Clearing System (NACS) for Nigerian Banks.

FSB International Bank is a leading member of the Valucard Scheme. It has a focus of using Smartcard Technology to drive its strategy for retail electronic banking. The Managing Director of FSB is currently the chairman of Valucard Nigeria Plc.

CR2 is a leading global provider of innovative channel banking solutions to the international finance community. With over 250 staff and a client base of over 100 financial organisation in 70 countries. Its notable products are sparrow and bankworld software for ATMs.

VISA is very often described as a leading brand in the universe. Visa sees the world as a constantly evolving in terms of customers and technology. The visa acceptance and access marks are a symbol of welcome, trust and security that make cardholders feel at home, anywhere in the world.

Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency is the Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology that is responsible for policy and strategy concerning the development and widespread use of information technology systems in Nigeria, especially within the public sector.

Schlumberger is a global company with diverse interest in chip manufacturing and electronic transaction processing. Schlumberger Nigeria has demonstrated commitment in providing robust solution for on-line transaction processing for scheme operators and banks.

VALUCARD Nig. Plc. is a consortium of 39 member banks. It is the biggest e-purse scheme in Nigeria today using the smartcard technology. The Valucard brand is acceptable is acceptable in all major cities in Nigeria. Its activities brought back focus and attention to smartcards in the country.

Card Technology Limited is an accredited MasterCard Service provider. It is in the forefront of providing electronic transaction processing for the Nigerian Banking Sector by providing switching solutions. CTL is currently running a test on its MasterCard Internet Switch (MCL).

Smartpay Nig. Ltd. is a consortium of 21 member banks. It is implementing an e-purse scheme in Nigeria using the smartcard technology. It is currently exploring new value added technologies like ATMs and Internet capabilities.

PLATINUM Bank Ltd. is a revolutionary bank that focuses on the use of technology to achieve its set objectives. It is currently implementing an e-purse Scheme and was the first bank Nigeria to roll out electronic GSM vouchers using POS terminals.

OCEANIC Bank Ltd. is in the fore front of retail banking and is focused  on using smartcard to achieve efficiency and speed. It is a member of the Valucard Consortium and the first Nigerian bank to be given a Visa Electron recognition.

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Our Sponsors

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