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Transparency In Nigeria (Reviewed, 6th May 2002) 

Transparency in Nigeria (TIN) was founded in 1994 as a non-governmental, independent, non-political and non-profit making organization to provide a forum for individuals and civil society institutions from both the private and public sectors of the Nigerian political, social and economy, environment to exchange ideas and share experiences in the broad areas of art and science of corruption and to take appropriate action in reducing corruption to the bare minimum.


The broad goal of TIN is to mobilise all the sectors of the Nigerian society for the crusade against corruption and related ills in order to reduce it to the minimum.

Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of TIN are in two folds:

A. To make structural Transparency and Accountability part of our culture through convincing all sectors of the Nigerian society that corruption is;

i. Endemic in our society i.e. widespread,

ii. Responsible for the weakness of the civil society in demanding and getting transparent and accountable leadership and in the delivery of public goods and services.

iii.Responsible for the unstable state of the political, economic and social situation of our country

iv. Not inevitable.

B. To bring about systemic changes in our country for the creation of National Integrity Infrastructure through;

i. Enhancing the system that works,

ii. Designing and building, with the sectors concerned appropriate mechanism,

iii.Monitoring and evaluating both the old and new systems to ensure continuous impact until there is a complete change.

iv. Restoring trust, honesty, reliability and hard work to all sectors of the Nigerian society.

The affairs of TIN are vested in a 12-member Committee, which is headed by a President, elected every five (5) years. The Committee is however empowered to co-opt people of high standard and integrity from several sectors of the society for the furtherance of the objectives of the organisation. While the Committee is a policy making body, it executes its policies through its sectoral Committee. It also appoints ad hoc Committee from time to time to study specific problems affecting the operations of the organization. A TIN centre for Public Concern and Social and Ethical Accountability has been formed with its coordination in all our zonal headquarters.

General Administration

Ishola Williams, Honorary Secretary General of Transparency in NigeriaFor the day-to-day activities of TIN, a Honorary Secretary-General who is supported by one part-time programme officer, one accounts officer and a volunteer programme co-ordinator, runs the secretariat. The organisation has six (6) zonal chapters spread all over Nigeria. However, it maintains an administrative headquarters in Lagos. In addition, there are part-time Zonal administrative representatives in Jos, Kano, Lagos, Maiduguri, Nsukka and Uyo.

Activities of TIN

TIN offers “Training Trainers programmes” in Nigeria in all areas dealing with corrupt practices and ways of reducing them to the minimum at all levels. The in-house programmes are executed in two ways namely;

i. In-house training programmes which are conducted at the request of the client with inputs specifically tailored to the requirements of the client, and

ii. Workshops and seminars conducted by TIN members assisted by external expert from other TIN national chapters and other academic, business or multilateral institutions.

In addition to TIN's training schemes and research activities, consultancy services shall be offered in areas of social and ethical audit, fraud detection and prevention and protection of whistleblowers in the public, private sector bodies and civil society institutions. The centre for Social and Ethical Accountability and Public Concern (whistle blowing) is to be formed for that purpose.

Workshops, Seminar & Lectures

TIN organises various conferences, seminars and lectures to discuss various topical aspects of corruption as they concern political, social and economic interests of the civil society. Some of its regular activities in this area include the Annual TIN week in the last week of September to end on 1st October (Independence Day). Tin shall organise annual "TIN week lecture" at which distinguished academicians, professional, and our specialist shall be invited to lecture on lecture on special topics of interest. TIN also organises competitions for student, scholars, and managers to translate their experience of corrupt practices by encouraging analytical studies and some stimulating original thinking for developing the theory and practice of reducing corruption to the minimum.

Affiliation, Linkages & Networking

TIN is affiliated to Transparency International (IT) in Berlin, Germany and works with similar bodies in Nigeria, appropriate government departments, (CSO), Universities and other educational institutions concerned with reducing corruption. TIN has a close link with other chapters in Africa and is a member of the institute of Social and Ethical Accountability in London. It is also working with the British NGO "Public Concern at Work" in London for the protection of whistles-blowers.

Membership of TIN

TIN, like any other reputable bodies depends on the quality and number of its members. The membership would embrace all professions, individuals and civil society institutions in all part of the country.

Membership of TIN is open to select corporate bodies, associations with similar objectives and individuals approved by the Executive Committee. There are three categories of membership namely A, B, and C of Corporate Membership. The categories are ranked on the turnover of the corporate bodies. Individual membership is conferred on the basis of criteria listed in the bye-laws of TIN.

Individual Membership: this can either be by invitation or identified citizen.

Honorary Membership: The Executive Committee of TIN General Assembly appoints this class of members.

Affiliate Membership: These are NGOs whose objectives are similar to those of TIN. Such members will serve as coalitions in projects with TIN.

Volunteers: People with professional qualifications will be considered.


Each member must fill an application form. The form is to be accompanied by 2 passports sized photographs, one page curriculum Vitae (CV) and an asset declaration form.


As a private organization TIN management does not receive subvention from government. However, it derives its income as described below and grants from donors (International Agencies). The source of income could be classified as follows.

I. Annual subscription from individual members through Local Chapters and zones

II. Revenue accruing from TIN workshops, Seminars, training projects and grants.

III. Consultancy and Research fees, and

IV. Appeal funds, endowments and levies.


General. R. O. Ishola Williams (Retired)
Transparency In Nigeria
2nd Floor, 302 Iju Water Works Road
Iju-Ishaga, Agege

Phone: +234-1-492 5535
or: +234-1-492 4280 ext 22
Fax: +234-1-492 5535
E-Mail: [email protected]

"Give Localities Autonomy of Their Resources" Ishola Williams - Part 2 (55kb) (Posted 13th May, 2002)

"Give Localities Autonomy of Their Resources" Ishola Williams - Part 1 (52kb) (Posted 6th May, 2002)

Picture: Ishola Williams, Honorary Secretary General, Transparency in Nigeria, (TIN)


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